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Display your phrase or name in a unique way with this custom 5x7” Letter Print. Each Letter Print is handcrafted and customized to your liking with choices of image toning and image effects. With this Letter Print, your custom alphabet letters are printed directly onto real wood creating a phrase that will last. Each Letter Print is 1/8” thick, allowing it to be placed in a traditional picture frame, or displayed in one of the optional display stands. Letter Prints do not have any hanging option included. Letter Prints are perfect for gifts or to display your custom alphabet phrase on a shelf or desk.

Due to the natural tones and grains of the wood, the lighter areas in your custom Letter Prints may take on the softer toning of the wood, giving your Letter Prints a sepia like appearance. You may also experience the natural grains of the wood, which help make every custom Letter Print unique.

Actual Letter Print dimensions are 5x7" per letter.


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