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Display your phrase or name in a unique way with this custom 2x2 Letter Block. Each Letter Block is handcrafted and customized to your liking. Choose your pattern set from among the available options. If no pattern set is chosen (you choose "none") the custom alphabet letter will be printed on one side of the block, and all other sides will remain the natural look and properties of the wood block. If you choose one of the printed pattern sets, the custom alphabet letters are printed on opposite sides of each block and the pattern set chosen is printed on all other sides. Perfect for gifts or to display your custom alphabet phrase in a different and creative way. Letter Blocks can be purchased in sets of 1-10 blocks (the pattern set will match for all blocks in the same phrase). As seen on the sample letter blocks above, blocks in the same phrase may differ in sequence of patterns printed on sides of each block.


Due to the natural tones and grains of the wood, the lighter areas in your custom Letter Blocks may take on the softer toning of the wood, giving your Letter Blocks a sepia like appearance. You may also experience the natural grains of the wood, which help make every custom Letter Block unique.



Actual Letter Block dimensions 2"x2"x2"