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Frame the Alphabet specializes in high-quality framed letter art. Our high-quality images and printing make for a timeless decorative piece perfect for the home or office. Our unique product offerings aren’t found anywhere else. Read more about our products below.

Special Offers

We encourage you to read the descriptions below but always be sure to check our Special Offers page. We pride ourselves on offering the best possible prices to our customers so if you’re looking for a great deal, be sure to check there first. For our deepest discounts, be sure to sign up for our Newsletter.

Framed Name Art

This is our #1 all-time seller. We offer a selection of different frames and letter choices to allow you to customize your Framed Name art for your home or office.

Popular choices are family last name, anniversary date, a family motto or words with special meaning to you. We also offer different frame options to match your personal décor. See a list of sample products for ideas.

Signature Board

A Signature Board is a twist on the Framed Name art. It includes the alphabet letter art of Framed Name art but also has a cut out for a picture to memorialize a special event. The extra white space is perfect for signatures or short messages from those at the event. It’s a beautiful way to remember that special day.

Gallery Block

The Gallery Block is similar to the Framed Name art except it’s printed on a single solid sheet of wood. The wood itself acts as a frame and is easily hung like any other frame. This is one of six wood products we feature. Printing on wood makes for a beautiful and unique look. It’s also very durable.

Letter Prints

Letter Prints are another wood product. The letter you choose is printed on a single sheet of thin wood. You can combine it with multiple prints to form a name, a date, or a word. These can easily be hung on a wall or you can purchase small wooden stands to put them on a table or shelf.


Customize your own personal stationery using our unique letter art. Choose from white or black cardstock. The stationery comes in packs of 16 with envelopes included.

Wood Standouts

Our Wood Standouts are similar to the Gallery Block product. The letters of your choice are printed on a wooden face that is thinner than the Gallery Block. On the back there is a smaller wooden frame attached to the back for hanging. This gives the piece a floating look.

Letter Boards

The Letter Boards are similar to the Letter Prints except they are printed on thicker wood. They are available in different finishes and stains. For example, distressed edges with a dark walnut stain. There are also special hanging options with different colored ribbons.

Letter Blocks

Letter Blocks are a fun and decorative way to display a name or word on a table or shelf. Aside from selecting your favorite alphabet art you can also choose from various pattern sets to give the blocks a decorative look that matches your style. Pattern sets are available in different color schemes or based on holidays.

Occasions & Gift Certificates

Our Occasions line is something we’re continuing to develop. Currently we offer a product to honor and memorialize our veterans. It comes with pre-selected letter art and has a cut out for inserting a picture of the veteran in your life. Of course, if you just can’t decide, you can’t go wrong with a Frame the Alphabet gift certificate!

About Frame the Alphabet

We’re a family run business. Lee and Crystal Copeland founded Frame the Alphabet out of a hobby of finding letters in nature and architecture. Read more about us here. Also be sure to check out our sister company Stamp the Moment for beautiful, custom jewelry.