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Classic Brown, Classic Black, Country Ash, Country Cotton, Country Breeze, Rustic Barnwood, and Deluxe Barnwood.

Frame Details

All Classic frames are made out of real pine wood. They have a very smooth finish with a fine-textured surface. Our Country line of frames are made from cedar wood planks kiln dried and painted in Tennessee. Our Rustic and Deluxe Barnwood frames are made out of a combination of reclaimed barnwood, fencing, and some newer cedar wood planks. All of our frame styles readily accept nails and hangers, hanging hardware is included with each frame but does not come preinstalled.

Our Classic frames provide a classy finish and look, while our Country and Barnwood frames offer more of a rugged or rustic look and each one is unique. Framed Names measure roughly 40” x 16” x 1”. Frame dimensions will vary slightly based on the moulding thickness of the frame selected.

Due to the hand crafted nature of our Country and Barnwood Frames, they will vary slightly from frame to frame in color and exact size. Due to the nature of reclaimed wood, there may be knots or natural blemishes that occur giving the wood frames their unique character. We are unable to guarantee the exact coloration of Barnwood Frames.

*Classic frame moldings are 1-1/2" wide & have a textured finish.

*Country frame mouldings are 1-3/4" wide and have a rough texture.

*Rustic Barnwood frame moldings are 2" wide & both the coloring and exact size will vary from frame to frame.

*Deluxe Barnwood frame moldings are 4" wide & both the coloring and exact size will vary from frame to frame.

Matte Details

We offer Black, White, Beige, and Cinder colored mattes. All mattes are standard, white-core, bevel-cut matte boards. Matte dimensions are 12” x 36”


We offer black & white and sepia photos. All photos are printed in a professional lab on top quality photo paper, and the color quality is also inspected on every picture to ensure to quality. All pictures are taken by our professional photographer. You will only find these pictures at Frame the Alphabet. The size of your pictures is determined by the number of letters in your custom frame. Picture sizes are as follows: 5”x7” (4-6 letters), 4”x6” (7-8 letters), and 3.5”x5” (9-11 letters).

If you prefer to order your Framed Name with color photos please click here.


For the facing, we use a material called acrylic. It is .06 of an inch thick and is used as an alternative to glass in our picture frames. Acrylic should only be cleaned with water or a soft cloth not solvent.

The backing is supported with unbendable, metal, Fletcher points. Then, it is finished off professionally with a classy paper backing.

A saw-tooth hanger is provided and should be nailed into the back of your frame at the top, in the center of the wood. It is the easiest of the hanging options to install, making it a popular choice for basic framing projects.

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Regular Price: $155.00

Special Price $145.00