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What Frame the Alphabet Offers

How to Place an Order/Custom Order

Framed Products

Unframed Products

Decorating with Custom Alphabet Photos

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What Frame the Alphabet Offers

Frame the Alphabet is the source for all your customizable letter art needs: from adding a sign with a special phrase to your home or office, to giving a custom, affordable name gift for a special occasion, to making a piece of letter art that complements your decor perfectly, we have all the solutions you could need. All Frame the Alphabet photos were snapped by our professional photographers, which means you won’t find these unique letter images anywhere else. We also promise the best value for the premium material and craftsmanship that we provide—made right here in the U.S.A. from our office in Tennessee. 

The possibilities are endless, so order yours today!

How to Place an Order/Custom Order

Framed Products

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Our framed names are available in color, black and white, and sepia. This is our bestselling letter art product—unique alphabet photography transforms names of family members, businesses, cities, and more into custom name art. You can even spell out a brief phrase, saying, or quote! There’s a variety of images of each letter, each snapped by our professional photographers. 

If you want to order a 12”x36” framed name in color, go here. Black and white here. Sepia here.  

If you want to order an 8”x24” framed name in color, go here. Black and white here. Sepia here.  

If you want to order an 8”x24” framed wooden name, go here.

If you want to order an 8”x24” framed canvas wrap print in color, go here. Black and white here. Sepia here

Frame colors and materials

Your custom name art is infused into either 100% recycled aluminum with a glossy finish, or premium baltic birch with a semi-gloss finish, or is print on to premium satin canvas. It comes ready to hang in your choice of background colors and wood frames, including our popular rustic style wood frames. All our framed products can also be ordered un-framed.


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Unframed Products

Stationery, custom stationery, thank you cards, custom thank you cards, unique stationery, unique cards, monogrammed stationery, name stationery, photograph stationery, letter stationery

When you need a traditional folded card, personalize your message with this custom alphabet stationery. Available as a 4"x5.5", classic fold, semi-gloss card with a horizontal layout, you can choose between 1 and 7 custom letters to send the perfect message. These custom alphabet stationery cards come in packs of 16 with envelopes included.

For color letter stationery, go here. Black and white here. Sepia here

Photos, photo prints, custom photos, custom photography, custom prints, unique prints, unique photos

Have a custom DIY project in mind? Or an empty frame at home that you’d like to use? Let your imagination run wild with our single photo prints. All photos are printed in a professional lab on top quality, acid-free photo paper. The color is inspected on every picture to ensure quality. 

For color photo prints, go here. Black and white here. Sepia here

Scrabble tiles, emoji tiles, emojicon tiles, Scrabble wall hanging, Scrabble letters, custom Scrabble, custom Scrabble tiles 

Love Scrabble or Words with Friends? Our customizable wood Scrabble tiles are available in any combination. Make any words you like, or add names as your family grows. Custom wood Emoji and Emojicon tiles make fun wall accents in bedrooms and other casual settings. Choose from a wide range of colorful designs. The possibilities are endless! 

For Scrabble tiles, go here. Emoji tiles here. Emojicon tiles here

Ornaments, Christmas ornaments, holiday ornaments, tree ornaments, custom ornaments, custom Christmas ornaments, name ornaments, customized ornaments, engraved ornaments, wood ornaments, wooden ornaments

Show that special someone how much you care with a natural wood, laser-cut ornament to treasure for years to come. They also offer completely customizable engraving with your choice of name or words, and are perfect for Christmas—or all year round! Each ornament comes ready to hang with a swirl metal hook; ribbon or twine are available for an additional charge.   

To shop our wood ornaments, go here

Letter boards, custom letter boards, letter wall hanging, custom letter wall hanging, hanging wood print

Display your phrase or name in a unique way with our custom 5”x7” letter boards. Each is handcrafted and customized with choices of hanging options. Your custom alphabet letters are printed directly onto real birch wood, creating a word or phrase. Each board is 1/2” thick, giving it the ability to sit on an easel or hang on a wall. Due to the natural tones and grains of the wood, the lighter areas may take on a softer tone, giving a sepia-like appearance. 

To shop our letter boards, go here


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Materials and Production: What materials do you use? How do you make my order?

All photos are printed in a professional lab on premium quality photo paper, and the color quality is also inspected on each print. 

Custom orders: Can I place a fully custom order for something that’s not listed on the website?

Everything offered is online—we do not currently, or plan to, offer any non-site custom work. But contact our support team if you have questions about what’s available or how we can help. 

How do I hang it?

Each framed item arrives with a sawtooth hanger installed. Some of our unframed items hang with adhesive or a keyhole mount, which would also be installed prior to delivery. Products are ready to hang when you receive them. If you have additional questions, please contact our customer support team.


Decorating with Custom Alphabet Photos

Recent trends in fashion and decor go beyond just hanging family photos or a pretty print. There’s now a sense of DIY to your home and style: the item can’t just be pretty. It has to have a story attached to it, too. There are so many creative solutions to dress up blank walls, including unusual items like paper, lights, and string to draw the eye. (Creating the perfect wall hanging with your kids at home is also a perfect pastime.) Thankfully, Frame the Alphabet includes all of these aspects in its products. The photographs of architecture, sculptures, signs, design features, and elements in nature are photographed to mimic the shape of letters but also look so natural as to be subtle. Then, when you start looking closely, you can see a word emerging from the pretty photos. There’s a textural individuality to the images, but they still look like the best versions of photos you took yourself. Here are a few design elements to keep in mind.


Can I use these products to make a gallery wall?

Yes! What’s great is that these can be part of any wall display, and they come in larger and smaller sizes to match the wall hangings you have already. You can order several with different names or phrases if you want the gallery wall to be made entirely of letter art. 

Where can these items be displayed? 

Anywhere! You can think outside the box here, too. Above your bed in a bedroom is the perfect place for a custom sign or name. Custom decor doesn’t just have to be for your home, either: You can make a framed name for your wedding decorations (that you can then repurpose as a piece of art), or some other celebration in your home or at a special venue. 

When would I give this as a present? 

These gifts can be customized for any recipient (see below), but they’re particularly useful for events like weddings, bridal and baby showers, birthdays, and other events when a person or couple is being celebrated. If you know the name of a new baby, for example, it’s a perfect gift for the nursery.


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Which Gifts to Purchase

Gift for mom, gift for daughter, gift for grandma, gift for aunt, gift for wife, gift for granddaughter, gift for female relative

Custom stationery is actually an underrated gift: when someone needs to send a thank you, personalized note, or any other message, it’s nice to do it with unique and personal stationery. You can include the person’s first or last name if it fits within the seven character limit, or a word or phrase that’s particularly meaningful to that person. Now they can send out as many notes as they’d like! 

Gift for dad, gift for son, gift for grandpa, gift for uncle, gift for husband, gift for grandson, gift for male relative

Getting photo prints is a perfect present for someone who’d like to create their own photo project or just have some custom decoration to hang wherever they’d like. That way, the sky’s the limit in terms of DIY projects that are available. The prints can be framed, separately or individually, for the theme of that person’s choosing. 

Gift for boss, gift for employee, gift for friend, gift for bride, gift for mom, gift for child, gift for friend, gift for teacher

You can’t go wrong with custom letter boards: words spelled out with individual boards that are hung side by side. Whether it’s the name of a child, parent, or special loved one, or that person’s own name, it’s the perfect way to help someone decorate their own walls, their office or classroom walls, or a newly decorated room like a nursery. When in doubt, a letter board’s the perfect gift for anyone you know. 

Best inexpensive gift, unique gift, fun gift, funny gift

We have Scrabble, Emoji, and Emojicon tiles that make for exceptional wall hangings no matter who the recipient is. In particular, the Scrabble tiles can be made to spell any words you like—and words can be added later to customize the gift even further or make a special add-on gift at a later date. The Emojis and Emojicons are particularly good if you’re buying for a young person or child who wants to personalize his or her room, playroom, or other special space. The possibilities are endless!

Best holiday gift: Thanksgiving gift, Christmas gift, Valentine’s Day gift, Easter gift, Mother’s Day gift, Father’s Day gift, Birthday gift, Graduation gift, Shower gift, Congratulations gift, Thank You gift, Condolence gift

For winter holidays, we have pretty carved wooden ornaments that can be customized with a name, year, and potentially a special message. For another holiday, special day, or day of remembrance, it’s hard to go wrong with a classic framed name. You can choose from a variety of photographs and letter combinations to spell something particularly meaningful for the family. It could even be a commemoration of the event itself! 

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Sales and Special Offers

How do I use a Groupon? 

For Groupon customers, simply choose the deal you’re interested in and purchase it. From the Groupon homepage, click on your name, then click on My Groupons. Find your Frame the Alphabet order, then click View Voucher. Click Print Voucher, which will provide a special code that is ten letters long that you can copy and paste directly into our website in the final steps of your order. Once you have personalized the specific item(s) your Groupon offer covers and have added them to the shopping cart (before you hit the Proceed to Checkout button), you can use your redemption code in the “Apply Discount Code” box. When applied successfully, you will see the discount reflected in your order total. Once the discount is applied, you may proceed to checkout.  

Do you have gift cards?

Yes! We do provide e-gift cards for our products. They can be found at the bottom of the Framed and Unframed category pages. We can accommodate any amount from $15 to $500. 

Do you have sales? 

Yes! We have sales throughout the year - check back to see what’s new. Throughout the year, we offer deals on free shipping (within the contiguous U.S.). At peak times and holidays, including Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, etc., we may offer an additional percentage off the entire site. If you sign up for our newsletter via our homepage, you’ll get 10% off your next purchase as well as an annual birthday discount.


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Customer Service

Can I submit/use my own photo?

These photographs are all taken from our professional photographer. You will only find these pictures at Frame the Alphabet. In order to ensure top quality and that our pictures can only be uniquely found at Frame the Alphabet, we do not use submitted pictures. However, photos can be ordered without a frame by choosing Single Photo Prints before customizing.

Do you work with wholesalers? 

Yes, we do work with wholesalers. Please contact our support team if interested. Wholesale is primarily available for customers that plan to buy frequently or resell in a store—let us know your needs and we’ll do our best to accommodate. 

What’s your return policy? What if I’m not satisfied?

Due to the custom nature of our products, we are unable to offer refunds or exchanges. If there was an error in the production or shipping of the order that we determine to be caused by Frame the Alphabet, we will replace the print at no charge to the customer. However, any customer that is not completely satisfied with their original order may have the option of receiving a reprint for a reduced price through customer service. Check out our Shipping and Returns page for more details. 

Recent customer reviews:

“This was supposed to be a gift but I forgot to order it so I decided to keep it for myself and I love it! It turned out better than I could have envisioned it! It looks great!!”


“I enjoy customizing the frames for our customers that are building homes with us. We give the frames to our new home owners when they close their perm loans and they love them.”


“This is the 3rd one I have purchased. The 1st was for me and the other 2 were gifts for people that absolutely loved mine!!”


“I looked online at many different places that did letter art and decided on FTA. They have so many different letter styles, sizes, and frames to choose from and that was the overall deciding factor. Mine was a gift for someone I’ve never met, so not really knowing their style or taste, I was going in blind. I picked somewhat safe, yet funky letter styles and went with it.

From the time I placed my order to the time I got my email to say it was being shipped, I think it was about 3-4 days. I was super impressed with the turnaround. It was delivered to my friends within probably 10 days of placing my order. That’s service!

My friends were super stoked to receive it! They’ve just moved into a new home so it doesn’t have a permanent spot yet so I can’t wait to see what it looks like when it does!

Overall, FTA was amazing to work with from start to finish. Reasonably priced, great choices of letters, styles, and frames, great communication and just great service overall.”


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